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5 Things To Know About Hair Coloring

Hair Coloring or Hair Dyeing is the process of changing hair color. The main motive behind doing this is to cover grey or white hair and also to change to a color which is regarded as more trendy and fashionable. At times it is also done to restore the original hair color that has been affected by following unhealthy practices.

Hair color and hair dye are often mistaken for the same thing. But, if one goes deeper into it they realize that there is a huge difference between the two. Hair Dye reaches the roots, while Hair Color’s effects can be seen only on the surface and it also needs frequent touch-ups. Today most of the products available in the market are synthetic, which damages the hair at some point in time.

Some studies have linked the usage of hair dyes with the risk of cancer. According to them, hair dyes contain few chemicals which increase the chances of causing cancer. Therefore, to save your beautiful hair from any such damages, after intense research OJYA is proud to have a hair color which is 100% Ammonia and PPD free which makes it completely safe to use without any side effects. And, it also has the properties of a hair dye. OJYA Naturals Herbal Henna Dye is the product for you if you wish to have the effects of both, hair color as well as a hair dye.

1. Is this hair dye ammonia free?
Yes, OJYA Naturals Herbal Henna Dye has 100% ammonia free formulation. This makes it completely safe to use without any side effects.

2. Is this dye is ppd free?
Yes, our Herbal Henna Dye is 100% PPD free.

3. Is this hair dye safe for pregnancy?
Our Herbal Henna Dye is safe to be used during pregnancy because of its 100% ammonia and PPD free formulation which makes it free from any toxins. This eliminates the chances of any risk and harm that is likely to be caused in the case of synthetic and chemical based dyes. However, it is still advised to consult your doctor once before using it.

4. Is this hair dye natural?
Yes, because OJYA’s Herbal Henna Dye is made with the goodness of natural conditioners like henna, hibiscus, and bhringraj. This conditions and nourishes your hair naturally making your hair stronger and healthier than before.

5. How to apply this hair dye?
It is very important to understand the correct method of applying hair dye on your hair to get the best results. Click on the link given below to get a step by step information on this.

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