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We all wish to have that outstanding copper red colour in your hair. But we end up hesitating putting in so much money and going to the parlour to get that silky smooth red hair. With the Ojya Naturals Copper red hair colour cream, you will definitely get the hair you truly desire.

If you are tired of spending thousands of rupees on colouring your hair, continue reading this blog to get the perfect tips that will help you get the professional hair colour sitting back at home.

Tips to get the best result while applying Copper Red Hair Colour Cream in your hair?

Mentioned below are some of the tips that might turn out to be useful for you if you wish to get the best result while applying your Ojya Naturals Copper Red Hair colour cream:

  • Do not forget to do the strand test
    Stop getting fooled by the marketing strategies of the hair colour companies. Every hair colour acts differently on different hair textures and hair colours. Make sure that you perform the strand test before you apply the hair colour on your hair completely. This will give you an idea of how the dye will look on your hair. You can then decide whether or not you should apply that particular dye on your hair. All you need to do is take a small portion of your hair, apply the dye on that portion and then rinse it to see how it turns out on your hair.
  • If you want a permanent colour, go dark
    If you are planning to get a permanent shade on your hair, it is better that you opt for a shade that is darker than what you desire. This is because when you go for a permanent hair colour, the cream lightens the shade, making it one tone less darker on your hair. On the other hand, if you are going for a semi-permanent hair colour, it is advised that you go for a lighter tone. This is because the dye turns out to be darker if left on the hair for a longer time.
  • Remember to get the quantity of the hair dye right
    Always make sure that you get enough cream and applicator for your hair. Having extra is always better than having a crisis and then applying small quantities on certain strands. If you have a dense texture or intensely curly hair, it is better that you buy 2 packets of colour. This will help you get a consistent colour all over your hair and will also avoid any patches of original colour left on your hair.
  • Do not forget to condition your hair
    You might think that conditioning your hair is not a necessary step in the process of dyeing your hair. However, conditioning your hair is one of the most important steps in the entire procedure. This not only nourishes your hair, but also closes the cuticles that have been opened during applying the dye on your hair.
  • Make proper partitions of your hair before you start colouring
    In order to avoid applying incorrect quantities all across your hair, it is best advised that you make an equal partition of your hair and then apply the hair dye accordingly. This will give your hair the same amount of colour in all places. The best way to partition your hair is by making four equal parts. You can make a vertical separation starting from your forehead to the tip of your hair on the back, and then make another equal horizontal separation from the left ear to your right ear.
  • Shampoo your hair properly before dyeing
    It is very important that you wash your hair properly and shampoo thoroughly before you apply any hair dye on your hair. Hair colour does not get absorbed easily on dirty and oily hair. Applying hair dye, thus, on unwashed hair will only lead to inconsistent colouring on your hair.
  • Wear old clothes while applying the hair dye
    We are not professionals. Even the professionals fail to perfectly apply the hair dye. The cream is in such a texture that there are 99% chances of it getting spilled either on your skin or your clothes. Prevention is better than cure. So, it is always better that you wear an old, rugged shirt while applying the hair dye than cry for it later. You can also avoid any spillage on your skin while applying the hair dye. All you need to do is apply some petroleum jelly all over your hairline and behind your ears.

Ojay Natural Copper Red Hair Colour cream

Using the Ojya Naturals copper red hair colour cream, you will get the best colouring experience without the help of a professional. Moreover, there is no hassle of separately conditioning and nourishing your hair. The OJya naturals copper red hair colour cream comes with all the necessary equipment that is required for the process and for nourishing your hair. Read the instruction manual thoroughly before you begin with the process, and fall back in love with your copper red hair, which not only looks stylish but also is healthy.

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