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Are you tired of having the same old stereotypical eyebrows? If you are planning to get something out of the box out of your eyebrows, continue reading the blog to know more about the eyebrow henna cream. They are very effective and beneficial to get the perfect pair of eyebrows. The eyebrow henna cream is made completely using a herbal plant called the henna. Even its pigmentation is created using only natural elements.

Advantages of using eyebrow henna cream

The eyebrow henna cream deems suitable for your use because of a lot of reasons. The primary reason being it being manufactured using only organic elements. Using herbal elements makes it harmless and god even for people who have sensitive skin.

It is all natural

Eyebrow hennas are made only with naturally occurring substances. They are created using a herbal plant called the henna which works great on the skin. Even if you have a sensitive skin, using the eyebrow henna to fill in or reshape your brows will not be a problem. You can do it without causing any harm to your skin using the herbal eyebrow henna cream. The Ojya Naturals Eyebrow Henna cream, just like any other Ojya products, is made only with organic elements which makes it best for use.

Lasts for a long time

One of the best things about an eyebrow henna cream is that unlike the pencil bows, they last really long. Since the application and the manufacturing process is completely different and is also wash proof, once you apply the eyebrow henna cream, it will stay up to six weeks. The Eyebrow henna cream is like a temporary tattoo on your brows, which does not look like something done externally. The quality is so good that it looks like your natural eyebrow shade.

There is a huge variety of colours

You do not have to worry about getting an eyebrow henna cream shade that is too light or too dark for your skin colour tone. The Ojya natural eyebrow henna crema comes in a huge variety of shades. You can test and then choose according to whichever colour suits your skin. If you have applied skinhenna and are worried that the eyebrow henna cream will turn out as bold red as that, do not worry. The eyebrow henna cream comes in a comparatively milder and softer shade when compared to the henna applied on the skin.

It is very effective

The eyebrow henna creams are undoubtedly very effective for your rbows. If you are looking for a remedy that will help you fill your brows naturally or without a side effect, the eyebrow henna cream is the perfect solution. Along with filling gaps, the eyebrow henna also does wonders on grey hair. It makes your brows look full and bushy which is like a dream for most of us. The best part is, all of this comes naturally and easily. You do not have to put in long hours on the procedure. It is a very quick and easy process which will give you the best results in no time.

Easy to use

The process of applying an eyebrow henna on your brows might look or sound very complex. But once you thoroughly understand how it is done or even take help from a professional to get your brows dyed you will realise that the process is very simple. All you need to do is reshape your brows as per your desire. Then apply the eyebrow henna cream as per the instructions given on the box. Keep it for a while so that it gets absorbed in the hair and then rinse it off. Get naturally dense and colured brows with it and fall in love with your eyebrows once again.

You can try out different brow shapes and shades

If you are planning on having an eyebrow tattoo, but are unsure about how it will turn out and whether or not it will suit your face, eyebrow henna cream is the ebay option. You can give your brows the shape and design you wish to have and then apply the eyebrow henna as a replacement of the tattoo ink. You will then be sure about how it looks. The eyebrow henna will last only up to 6 weeks, so even if you do not like it, your brows will turn back to its natural look after a month or two.


The Ojya naturals eyebrow henna cream is undoubtedly one of the best henna creams in the market because of its naturally occurring elements. It darkens your eyebrows and makes them look bushier, just the way we all want them to look, filling up all the sparse areas in between your brows. Try it out for yourself to fall in love with your brows.

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