Herbal beauty products are in demand in these days. Most of the people are using the herbal products for safety issue. In India, uses of herbs, plants, flowers for beauty purpose have been in habit for long period. At Ojya Natural, we have just revised them and brought to you in a new form.


Based on various natural sources and organic ingredients, the beauty products are being manufactured, keeping in mind about the less chemical usage.

  • Ojya Natural is an Indian brand which is certified one
  • It is the manufacturer of beauty products and personal car based on natural ingredients
  • The products of Ojya Natural are based on Ayurvedic formulations which makes it safe for skin
  • Only natural ingredients are used for making the products
  • Available in most parts of Asia, Europe, Africa and America

Product Benefits

Benefits of Our Organic Henna & 100% Chemical Free Hair Colours


Natural Hair Colour


Strengthens Hair


Wonderful Conditioner


Increases Hair Volume


Keeps Dandruff At Bay


Enhances The Natural Shine

About Ojyanatural

We started our venture in the year of 2001. My father was a hotelier and it was an instinct that I will take the same path. But I always had some other plans in my mind. I was then young and energetic, and I wanted to give in this energy into something different, something new!

It was a start to the 2000th year and I wanted to do something that will define the coming decade and the century and will see the 2000’s in a completely different light. I got my hold on VJS. It was a, ere baby that needed nurturing. I decided to be the nurturer and bring it up as my own.

And after all these years, I can pat myself on the back and say, “You have done a pretty good job.”

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