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If you do not want to get too over with your hair dye, getting lowlights or highlights using burgundy hair colour cream is the best option. Highlights and lowlights do not entirely take up the whole of your hair. Instead they appear just in parts of the hair, and let your natural colour come out at the same time. This gives a very subtle and classy look to your hair. Highlights make your hair look absolutely blended with the burgundy tint, and on the other hand, lowlights appear from under your tied hair, giving the perfect classic look for the day.

Using the Ojya Naturals burgundy hair colour cream will definitely give you the highlighted hair that you have been dreaming about for so long. All you need to do is follow some simple steps according to the manual.

How to get the perfect highlight or lowlights out of burgundy hair colour cream?

The steps that you must follow to get the perfect highlighted or lowlighted burgundy colored hair are as mentioned below:

  • The primary step before you start highlighting your hair is performing a patch test. This is simply so that you do not regret dying your hair of any shade. Performing the patch test will give you an idea of whether or not the shade will suit your skin colour. It will also help you in understanding how many highlights or lowlights will give the perfect look in your hair.
  • Once you are done with the patch test, now it is time to assemble all the required items for the process. Make sure that you have everything in front of you. Starting from the colouring kit to the petroleum jelly in order to avoid having any extra colour on your skin.
  • Now take the developer and cream and mix them thoroughly in a bowl. Make sure the entire mixture is of smooth consistency and that there are no lumps in the mixture.
  • Now make equal partitions in your hair in such a way that there are four equal sections of your hair.
  • Once you have perfectly partitioned your hair into 4 equal sections, clip away three of the sections properly and very neatly. Make sure you do not leave it any hair, and that you tie out the 3 sections perfectly.
  • Start with the unclipped section by taking very thin slices of the desired hair. Place a rectangular foil under the small slices of hair. Place your hand under the foil and start applying colour with the colour brush on the strand.
  • It is advised that you start with applying less quantity of colour. Slowly with time, when you start applying, take extra cream only if you are in need of it. Make sure that the burgundy hair colour crema is perfectly applied all over the strand so that you get the perfect consistent shade of burgundy.
  • Once you have applied the colour all over the hair strand, wrap the entire strand using the foil and make sure that you leave no area of the particular strnad unwrapped.
    Now start doling other strands and slowly move on to the other sections. Repeat the same process on all the other sections. Make sure that there is consistency and each of the hair strands is completely covered with the mixture and is also perfectly wrapped with the foil.
  • Remember to read the instruction manual thoroughly before you start the entire process.
    Once you are done with the colouring and the wrapping, check thoroughly for consistency. Stand in front of the mirror and also check that you have colored an equal number of strands in all the sections so that your hair does not turn out to look uneven after colouring.
  • Once you have checked and completed the entire process, leave the colour for the amount of time that is mentioned on the packet.
  • Rinse it properly using the given conditioner to get the best result for you highlighted or lowlighted hair.

The Ojya naturals burgundy hair colour cream is undoubtedly the best hair colour cream that you will find in India. It is made only using naturally occurring elements which gives your hair not only the perfect shiny look, but also makes your hair healthier. You can look up burgundy hair colour creams online in india. Try it for yourself to see the results. It is guaranteed that after just one usage, you will definitely fall back in love with your hair.

Ojay Organic Burgundy Hair Colour Cream for hair transformation for

Try out the OJya Naturals burgundy hair colour cream to get the playful burgundy highlights that you deserve. What are you waiting for? Go give it a try.

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