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Premium Henna Hair Color 60 Gm

luxurious Premium Henna Hair Color 60 Gm

Premium henna Color is one of the varieties of henna produced by OJYA Natural. The premium henna also has specifications almost similar to other henna produced by the company. The premium henna by OJYA Natural although comes in a variety of quantities, the 60gm is the popular one.As Premium Henna Color Supplier in india, OJYA Natural make sure to make it available for each and everyone as and when they require. We have a wide network of distributors who ensure serving everyone across the boundaries.

Premium Henna and The OJYA Natural

Ojya natural deal with a variety of daily care products that have become a necessity for a number of people. Henna is one of them, especially at the time of certain occasions. While some people use henna as a form of expression of joy, some use it to color their hairs and enhance their look. OJYA Natural manufacture henna products for both of them. OJYA Natural are one of the premium henna manufacturers and manufacture the 60gm premium henna in bulk.

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Henna Features

Although a Premium Henna 60 gm Distributor can tell you a lot about the specifications and the features of the product, here are some from our side.

  • The premium henna manufactured by OJYA Natural involves natural ingredients in its preparation that last longer.
  • The premium henna is able to provide a magnificent look with its deep colour to every body part where it is applied.
  • The preparation is as easy as the other henna products.
  • Reasonable rate is another plus point here.
  • Each packet contains 6 sachets of 10g each thus reaching the quantity of 60 gm.
  • A mesmerizing essence.
  • Natural softness to hair after application on them.


  •  The box contains 10 small packets of 10 gm each.

How to Use Henna Hair Color ?

  • This henna is only for external use. Mix 1 sachet henna powder with 40 ml water to make non-dripping paste.
  • Divide hair in small sections.
  • Apply henna from roots to tip of hairs.
  • Keep it on for 20-25 minutes
  • Rinse head to clear the henna from hair.

Get it from us:

If you are impressed by the product’s features and want to try one feel free to contact OJYA natural and get it the way you want. As a premier premium henna hair color exporter in india, OJYA natural have an efficient export facility thus satisfying the requirements of customers situated far away.

Overall, premium henna 60 gm can be the perfect solution you are looking for your hair coloring as well as the festivities and celebrations.

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