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Premium Henna Hair Color

A range of dyes is used for coloring hair. The best among them are naturally grown henna or mehndi. One gets to witness a lot of variety of henna at OJYA natural. Premium henna is one of them. As the name says, this henna has some premium features that make it special.

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One of the extensive features here is the quality that OJYAnatural provide as a premium henna supplier. At OJYA, we do the preparations while keeping our customers’ service request in mind. We supply premium henna powder and are well known as the premium henna color suppliers.

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Peerless OJYA Natural

Being premium henna manufacturers, OJYA natural understand the importance of coloring and shortage of time. This is the reason why their product, mainly deals with satisfying the customers at their best. The premium henna cones at OJYA natural use natural ingredients. The ingredients they use and the deep coloration is unbeatable.

The premium henna color is very much similar to the normal henna. Their application is also easy as the customers need not do add any other ingredient to prepare the paste.


  • The premium henna cones help in making the most out of your time as they make the design easier for you through their conical structure
  • As a premium henna distributor in india, OJYA natural premium henna is able to last longer than any other product.
  • The premium henna is responsible for giving natural color, luster, softness, and shine to the hair
  • People above the age of 18 are free to use the product
  • The pouch contains 6 sachets along with an instruction manual


The application of the Henna involves preparation, application and finishing.

Preparation involves getting the Henna ready for use. The application involves applying it and the finishing is done after both the processes get over.

After the mehndi becomes dry, wash your hands or the colored area with water. Wait for some time as it takes approximately 1.5-2 days for henna to get the perfect color.

As a leading premium henna exporter, we recommend you to take extensive care while choosing your product and confirming the originality. Confirming the expiration is also a plus point here. The premium henna that you get from OJYA has everything to make you look perfect for any occasion. The product deals with a huge fan base and satisfied customers. Get your premium henna pack delivered today and celebrate your looks.

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