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The Ojya Naturals Oudh Aqua room freshener is one of the best room fresheners in the market. It is made using one of the most fresh herbs which gives your room the freshness you want after a tiring day.

In order to find out why the Oudh Aqua Room freshener is better than the rest of the room fresheners, let’s find out how the other room fresheners are manufactured.

How are other Room Fresheners manufactured?

Mentioned below are the steps that are involved in the manufacturing of a chemical based room freshener

The construction of the fragrance

The plug in fragrances are manufactured in machines of the form-fill-seal nature in multiple factories. The cartridges used in these room fresheners in order for it to function are generally disposable and transparent. They are made with the use of polyvinyl film which are vapour-impermeable and are created by inducing a range of other thermoplastics for better and stronger fragrances. These chemicals are also used so that the smell can last longer because of the chemical reaction in the process. The thermoplastics include chemicals like polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, polyvinyl chloride, and polyvinyl acetate using several polymers. This process in the entire run of manufacturing is used only for the initial packaging or in order to refill the package.

The construction of the heater

Heaters are used for the production of the electrical warmer units in the process of manufacturing a room freshener whose process of fragrance construction has been done. A thermostatic like the phenol-formaldehyde, epoxy, polyphenylene sulphide, polyphenylene oxide, polycarbonate, and polyimide is used for creating the housing for the apparatus of the electrical plug. For the similar process, at some times, when the other materials are not available, some of the required elements are also derived from thermoplastic polymers, such as polyethylene, polypropylene, and polyamide.

The assembling and packaging of the final product

There are some final steps that are to be made in check when it comes to the assembling and the packaging of the final product of a room freshener. Once the construction of fragrance and heater is incorporated in the process of manufacturing a room freshener, mentioned below are the steps that are followed for the packaging of the final product:

  • Machineries in the factories are used for packing the tray of fragrance and the heater unit together in a cardboard box. Then the cartons are folded and loaded manually consistently every 20 minutes, and are shifted into magazines that are created on the carton. Finally 2 panels are placed for supporting the panel while the pack of fragrance and the warmer unit is placed in the carton boxes.
  • The carton boxes continue to keep moving one after the other in the assembly line. As they come by the counter, a hot adhesive is put on each side so that it sticks.
  • The packets are then inserted into the cartons once they are placed on the machines for the deposition. In order to keep the line of packaging in function and have an optimal rate, the machines are loaded every 30 minute. Once the carton passes the bowl of feeder, one packet of room freshener into a carton and the process continues.
  • Then the heater units are manually positioned into the respective cartons. They are then stretch wrapped and made ready for shipping. In order to make sure that they are fully protected, the room fresheners are sealed tightly and so are the cartons.

Indian luxurious Oudh Aqua Room Freshener by Ojay



The Ojya Naturals room fresheners, unlike the other room fresheners that are available in the market, are made only using naturally occurring elements. This makes it the best quality room freshener and also is approved by most of the consumers. The Ojya Naturals room fresheners give out fragrances that are natural and there are no adulterations, which also makes the air healthy to breathe. This means, you get a room that is filled with natural fragrance and at the same time, even the air gets purified. Ojya naturals has a wide range of room fresheners among which the oudh aqua room freshener, the lavender room fresheners, the lemon room fresheners are some of the best from the lot.

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