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Herbal Henna Dye

Do you want to dye your hair naturally? If, yes then Herbal Henna Dye produced by OJYA Naturals is the perfect option for you. The specifications of this product are almost the same as of other henna products.

The herbal henna by OJYA Natural comes in a variety of colours like black, brown, burgundy and chestnut packings.

Uses of Herbal Hair Shampoo

As Herbal Henna Dye Supplier in India, OJYA Natural makes sure that the demand for the same is always met. And for this, we have a wide network of distributors who ensure to serve people across the boundaries.

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About OJYA Naturals

We are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters in the market with over 18 years of industry learning and a huge demand for our products. Our company believes in quality and therefore we passionately work at achieving it.

Herbal Henna Dye from OJYA Natural has its supply across the international periphery. We are the chief manufacturer and hold a commanding position in various cities with a huge number of suppliers.

OJYA Naturals’ Henna Dye is easily available in every city as we’re both an efficient manufacturer and exporter in the market.

Why choose OJYA Herbal Henna Dye?

1. Best quality hair products made with 100% herbal ingredients.
2. Secure and durable sachet for long-lasting usage.
3. Leak-proof and high-end box packaging to prevent any leakage.
4. Herbal Henna Dye which ensures rich natural hair colour.
5. 100% ammonia free formulation resulting in shiny and stronger hair.
6. Gives full grey coverage.
7. It is made with natural conditioners like henna, hibiscus, and bhringraj.


1. 100% Natural and Organic
2. No side Effects
3. Contains no PPD
4. 2 years shelf-life
5. Lab Tested and Certified
6. Vegan
7. Recyclable Packaging
8. Cruelty-free
9. Box Packaging with sachets along with a pair of hand gloves inside.


Net Wt. 60 g (6 sachets x 10 g)


Barium Peroxide, Citric Acid Anhydrous, Sodium Sulphite, Senna/ Cassia Obovata Leaf Powder, Paraphenylene Diamine, Para Amino Phenol, Resorcinol, Meta Amino Phenol, Carboxy Methy Cellulose, Bhringraj/Eclipta Alba Leaf Powder, Guar Hydroxy Propyl Trimonium Chloride, Colour, Fragrance, Henna/Lawsonia Lnermis Leaf Powder

How to use:

1. PREPARATION: Mix one 10 gm pouch in 40 ml to 45 ml (8 teaspoons) Water Product in a bowl and make paste following the instruction manual.
2. APPLICATION: Apply the mixture to the hair, from roots to tips, parting the hair in smaller sections.
3. FINISH: Leave for 30 minutes and rinse thoroughly with fresh running water until it runs clear. Shampoo your hair and enjoy the colour. For complete details refer to the instruction manual.

Skin Allergy Test

Sometimes Herbal Henna may cause skin allergy in some cases of very sensitive skins, so a preliminary test of very sensitive skins is advisable. Apply the mixture to a small area of your skin behind the ear or inner bend of elbow with a cotton swab. Allow the area to dry and leave undisturbed for 48 hours. If you notice any signs of burning, swelling, itchiness, redness or irritation during 48 hours, you must not use this product. If there is no reaction in 48 hours, proceed to colour your hair.


1. OJYA Henna should not be used to colour eyebrows or eyelashes, as sever termination of the eyes or even blindness may occur.
2. Keep away from children.
3. Store in a cool & dry place.


Not For Internal Use.


Para-phenylenediamine concentration is less than 3% after dilution (1:4) and in powder form not less than 10.0% (when packed).

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