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I Bounce Noni Juice

Noni Fruit has been used for over 2000 years for its health benets. This superfruit contains vitamin A, C and B3, these essential nutrients support vision clarity, energy production, wound healing and normal blood pressure. Noni contains minerals potassium, calcium, sodium and iron which are important in maintaining bone strength, muscle contraction and oxygenation of our blood. Noni supports energy levels and stress relief in addition to maintaining normal immune function. Noni Juice contains approximately 35% dietary bre. In particular, it contains the prebiotic pectin, which supports the balance of ‘good’ gut bacteria.

  • Rich in c Rich in contains vit ains vitamin A, C and B3 , C and B3
  • De-toxifies body
  • Improves digeson
  • Supports the balance of ‘good’ gut bacteria.
  • More energy & stamina
  • Alleviates mental stresses & anxiees
  • Promotes Skin & Hair Health
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